I am an architect in the Azure Core team. Basically the Azure Core team writes the software the runs the Azure data centers, from low-level things like firmware for NICs to the basic fabrics for compute, networking and storage up to the public APIs for these most basic layers of the cloud…the IaaS layers basically. The APIs that let you create VMs, networks, blobs, and manage the infrastructure. The Azure Core team does build some verticals (like IoT), but generally, other teams in Azure build higher level, more vertical services on top of our horizontals: unsurprisingly the SQL team builds the Azure SQL service; another team in our database group builds our HDInsight Hadoop/Spark service; other teams build services for web sites and mobile backends; etc. all built on top of the low-level infrastructure services built by Azure Core.

So if Azure Core is the bottom of the stack, I work on the top of the bottom of the stack. I helped standardize our REST APIs, and was the architect for Azure Resource Manager, the latest version of our control plane APIs, as well as helping design the public APIs for some of our compute services. More recently, I have been focused on getting non-Microsoft technologies to work well on Azure: so I work with the Linux vendors to make sure Red Hat and Ubuntu work well Azure, and I’ve worked with Puppet, Chef, Docker, Hashicorp, Pivotal and others so that those systems can be used with Azure.



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