Have any of noticed that we now basically live in a world of Science Fiction? We’ve got electric cars, and self-driving cars; we have private companies building space craft and planning trips to Mars; we have the Pluto probe; we have drones…when I drive home on the freeway at night, I see drones flying over Lake Washington. Look at the advances in machine learning, voice recognition, image recognition…you can log into your computer using your fingerprint or by having the computer recognize your face. We have virtual reality and augmented reality. And of course we have the smart phone, which is basically the old Star Trek communicator…except much more advanced.

I’ve talked to a lot of my friends, and even my young friends…10-20, feel the rate of change has picked up in the last few years. I asked my 89-year old mother what was the biggest technological change she had seen in her lifetime. “Indoor plumbing” she answered.  But after that, she said it was the cell phone. My mom does not use a cell phone. But her little-old lady friends and their kids and their kids all do, and mom thinks it has changed how people behave, how they interact with each other, more than any other technology she has seen in her lifetime.

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