It is so easy, especially in recent years, to not get to it on the code you mean to write. Without further ado, the top excuses:

Special Mention: “Just waiting for the tests to finish” — This one probably accounts for as much time as any, but the alternative (“Uh, I didn’t run the tests”) is worse. So I’m leaving it aside. You all know, though, that adding one comment is not an excuse to run 20 minutes of unit tests…again.

  1.  “Meeting time”
  2. “E-mail/Slack/IRC”
  3. “Github (or internal source code control system) is down”
  4.  “Installing…”
    • “Operating system updates”
    • “Visual Studio/Eclipse/Xcode”
    • “Latest SDK/Compiler/Runtime”
    • “Slack/Teams/IRC”
    • “Docker update”
  5. “Waiting for an answer on Stackoverflow”
  6. “The build is broken (not me!)”
  7. “Compiling”
  8. “Need to fix this one (low priority) bug first”
  9. “Just a quick peek at Hacker News” and of course…
  10. “Gonna need some caffeine before I start!”

btw — The answer for me today is “installing Visual Studio 2017!”


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